Skull Wingman Tee

Billy Bones Club

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From Billy Bones: Here at the Club, we’re all about having each other's back, and if that means holding your mates hair back while they have a cheeky spew then we’re ok with it.

In tribute to having your mates back and the Bones ethos, we’ve cooked up THE SKULL WINGMAN TEE 💀

This vintage-inspired tee takes inspiration from old-school faded, worn, and pre-loved vintage tees.

These are the epic tees you find in vintage stores or at vinnies and you know they are one of a kind. Only a limited run is made of this tee and they won't be remade once they are gone. Enjoy and stay bad. #BADTOTHEBONES

Sizing: Band tees are pretty standard sizing, so buy how you want to wear it, if you want it big and baggy go a size up but if you want it to fit normally wear your standard size.