Purp To The Bones Tee

Billy Bones Club

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Who would we bring back from the dead?...

Jim Morrison. Kurt Cobain. Jimmy Hendrix. Aretha Franklin….but this isn’t about us!

It’s about you!

The club spoke, and we listened. The Bad To The Bones tee is back from the dead… With a TWIST!

One of the original limited edition tee’s, the BTTB Tee is back like a bat out of hell in a super limited edition run. This time we've given it a twist with new bones fav purple lettering

Because let’s face it, if you’re going to come back from the dead, come back badder than you were before.

Sizing: band tees are pretty standard sizing, so buy how you want to wear it, if you want it big and baggy go a size up but if you want it to fit normally wear your standard size.