The Iron Fairy Lilly

The Iron Fairies

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The Iron Fairies are beautiful cast iron sculptures by Australian artist Ashley Sutton. 
This eccentric character once worked deep in the mines of North Western Australia. 

If you bring home an iron fairy, you must awaken your new friend also, by following the instructions that arrive with your cast iron sculpture. 
Each fairy has a name, the wings of a certain insect, and a poem that tells you what kind of fairy she is.
Eventually The Iron Fairies will all develop a beautiful patina of natural rust, whether you give them a home indoors or out.
  • Lilly: Fairy of the Garden Floor
  • Born: Circa 1902
  • Personality: Polite, Mature, Joyful, Talkative
  • Wings: Small Butterfly 
  • Height: 5.5cm sitting